We provide a full range of post production services
to suit any requirements our clients have when developing a wide range of media products.

Why choose Compound Audio?

Music, It’s a tough industry. Knowing where to go to have your tracks professionally mixed / mastered can be a minefield. A quick Google search will bring up a huge list of places.
However, can you vouch for them and is it within your budget?

Many studios apply a “one size fits allapproach. We adapt to the individual needs of each artist and project.

We listen to all our Client’s as closely as we listen to their work.  Guaranteed results every time!

We understand our Client needs. From a highly polished commercial track to a low-fi indie sound.

We use one of the worlds leading ADA interfaces. There’s no compromise, just full Prism Sound


Compound Audio EST-white Cut



Founded in 2014 by Audio Engineer Dean Pratt aka Dapz, Compound Audio is the place to go for all your audio mixing, mastering and post production requirements.

Based in the East Midlands UK, Compound Audio caters to a wide range of Client’s including Major Record Labels, well known Independent Labels and Self-Financed Artists. 
With over 20 years’ experience in the music industry, Company founder Dapz, has worked with the crème de la crème in the business under various guises and collaborations.

Through word of mouth and recommendations alone, Compound Audio has built up a strong following and loyal advocates which has seen Dapz take on projects from:
Snoop Dogg, Charlotte Devaney, Fatman Scoop, Tigerblood, Majestic, MC Neat, Channel 4 UK, Kiss TV, Notts TV, The Box Africa, Dambuster Studios, EA Games & More

A qualified Teacher and Music Engineer, Dapz provides a range of digital, analogue and certified “Mastered For iTunes” services to suit the needs and budget for the Client’s of Compound Audio while drawing on years of experience and sheer natural ability to sense the artists’ direction of a project.
We pride ourselves in 100% customer satisfaction. Our aim is to give customers a finished product they can be proud of hence why the Client’s of Compound Audio keep coming back for more.


Having your music mastered at Compound Audio couldn’t be simpler. We provide a wide range of services to suit the needs and budget for all. Our Mastering processes are done using high quality tube / valve saturation, solid state analog gear while using a selection of high end VST plugin’s. We believe it’s important to capture every little detail, that’s why we use an industry standard ADA Interface. “Prism Sound”.


Our audio mix-down service generates a powerful warm sound using our range of analog outboard gear while simultaneously using all the advantages of a computer-aided process to provide you with the best possible results. 
Clients have a generous amount of unlimited amendments within 2 session re-call’s.
All we require is a minimum of 10 stems to get the mix session going.


Our QC Check.

Every project we work on goes through a quality control phase after completion.
In this phase another engineer listens to the project from start to finish, judging it by our strict quality standards. If the engineer feels that something isn’t working, amendment notes will be sent back to the mastering engineer to make a revision.
We provide this service to make sure we provide our Clint’s with the highest quality.

Mix Variation Add On.

Should your project have various mixes such as:

Instrumental mix, Radio mix, Clean vocal mix, PA mix, DJ name tag mix or other.

Then simply select the quantity you want to add on after you have chosen your mastering style
so we can process all versions and mixes in the same mastering session to ensure all mixes come out the same tonally.


Why a professional image is important.

The image we portray sends an important message to our Client’s as well as influences how we feel about ourselves. Therefore, you need to consider your professional image, then you can dress for success.

Once an emotional connection is made with fans,
artwork can take on a life of its own and live outside a musicians’ own fan base.
Some artists have been able to tap into meme culture with viral artwork.
Others are able to start conversations that stray far outside their own fan bases with bold imagery.
The social and share-friendly nature of the internet can help an interesting cover grow wings and reach more eyes than it ever could sitting on the shelf.


Good Work Will Always Be Shared!

In an era where artists need to think more like a brand,
developing a strong visual identity is more important than ever.
It’s a chance for musicians to create unique worlds for their fans to live in and become personally invested in.

A strong visual identity gives fans something tangible to grasp onto
during a time when most music consumption happens digitally.

A fan with a Spotify subscription doesn’t need to buy records,
but they might choose to if they have an emotional attachment to the cover art
and want a physical memento of their favorite artist.
It’s a chance for fans to hold a piece of their favorite artist’s world in their hands.


Artwork Enquiry.

We are always interested to hear from anyone who wishes to get in touch.


  • 2x Samson: PS10 – Power Strip
  • Art Pro: Channel II – Class-A Tube Pre-amp
  • Compound Audio: Vintage Tube Comp/Limiter 
  • Custom Audio Germany: HDE-250 – M/S Mastering EQ
  • Drawmer: 1973 – Vintage 3 Band FET style Multiband Compressor
  • Prism Sound: Orpheus
  • SPL: Masterbay S – Model 1150
  • SPL: Vitalizer Mk2-T – Model 9739
  • TK Audio: BC-1 – Stereo SSL G-Buss Comp/Limiter


  • Cubase 7.5 – 64bit
  • GVST: G-Clip
  • Softube: SSL SL 4000 E-Series & 9000 K-Series – Console
  • TDR: Nova, Slick EQ, Kotelnikovor & Limiter N06
  • Universal Audio: UAD-2 + Mastering Grade Plugins 
  • Variety Of Sound Bundle
  • Voxengo: Span, Tube Amp & MSED
  • Waves: J37 Tape Saturation, Oneknob Pumper, True Verb & Scheps 73 1073 Console EQ
  • Windows 7 Professional – 64bit
    Plus More

Controllers & Monitoring.

  • Kurzweil: KS40A Studio reference monitors
  • Logitech: Z333 Small speaker monitors
  • Neumann: KH310A
  • Senheiser: HD-25 Headphones

  • Mackie: Big Knob – Studio Command System
  • Softube: Console 1
  • SPL: MasterBay S Model 1150
  • Steinberg: CC121 – A.I Controller

 Computer Specification.

  • 32GB Kingston DDR3 RAM
  • 4 Way Fan Speed Controller
  • 4x Arctic F12 120mm low noise Cooling Fans
  • AMD: FX-8370 Eight-Core Processor
  • AMD: Radeon HD 6700 Series Graphic Card
  • Corsair: 600 – PSU
  • Corsair: H55 Hydro Cooling Heat Sink / Radiator
  • GA-78LMT-USB3 6.0 Mother Board
  • Samsung: SSD 850 Pro & Samsung: SSD 840 Pro
  • Universal Audio: UAD-2



We do not wish to download every Vst plug’in, or own every bit of hardware available.
We use equipment & Plug’ins that we know well, and will generate a professional finish to any audio content.


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