20 January 2017

B-Lick Records Presents: Babylon Bwoy!

B-Lick Records brings you: QT – Babylon Bwoy & Protected  BLKR002


B-Lick Records are wasting no time here. there on the 2nd release as a brand new label run by Dj QT. These 2 bad bwoy jungle tracks will be available to buy on 03/02/2017

Please see artwork for more details. 


All tracks mastered at Compound Audio


Incase you missed BLKR001


B-Lick Records brings you: Get On Down & More Than Friends.

After a string of rock solid releases on highly esteemed labels including the likes of KLP Records, Diamond Dubz and Manic Beats/Manic Jungle, DJ QT introduces his debut release on his very own label, B-Lick Records, with the release of the mighty ‘Get On Down / More Than Friends’ two track single.

First off the mark is the high octane, stepper ‘Get On Down’, which fuses rock solid 2 step breaks with a mammoth, bouncing bassline and sultry, female vocals. ‘Get On Down’ is pure cheese-free, unashamed jump-up, jungle, with it’s sights set firmly on the dancefloor. 

Companion piece, ‘More Than Friends’ follows a similar path as it’s predecessor by taking an instantly recognisable R&B vocal and overlaying it with a catchy-as-hell reggae trumpet riddim, rugged breakbeat pattern and booming bass.

If you’re looking for some upfront nuskool jungle to set the dancefloor ablaze, then you need look no further than DJ QT’s latest offerings!!!

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