03 June 2017

B-Lick Records Presents: ‘The Bee Project. EP’

B-Lick Records are back once again with a massive four track collection of dancefloor orientated drum & bass from label founder DJ QT, who unleashes ‘The Bee Project. EP’ on the ears of all D&B headz out there.

The action comes in quick and fast with the rip-roaring ‘If You The Guts’. A slick roller steeped in classic jump-up jungle flavas, packed full of soulful saxophone riffs and a vintage movie fight samples. and an elastic bassline straight outta ’96.
Up next ‘It’s Like Dat Yo’ follows a similar path to it’s predecessor what with it’s use of crisp, stepping breaks, dubwise melodies and feelgood rap vocals to create a pure-bred, no cheese jump-up anthem.

‘Way Back’ introduces an exhilarating hip-hop-meets-jungle fusion of reversed, dread bass notes, rugged, 2-step breaks, retrospective vocal samples and moody funk licks before the EP is then brought to an impeccable close by the dub infused ‘One Nation’. Which expertly combines a melting pot of subsonic bass pulses and Rastafari chants over a 170 bpm breakbeat to devastating.

For his latest excursion into into serious jump-up drum & bass territory, DJ QT once again proves that he is the master of composing dancefloor friendly, yet perfectly crafted nuskool jungle anthems. If you need something to get people moving, then you’ll find exactly what you need here!!!

DJ QT’s ‘The Bee Project. EP’ single is available to download now from all good B-Lick Records digital stores!!!!

Listen Hear !!!!

All tracks mastered by Dapz at Compound Audio