27 March 2017

Dutty Zoot Recordings Presents: The Perpetual EP

Dutty Zoot Recordings brings you “The Perpetual EP” Produced by Josephs Perception

Dutty Zoot Recordings is an independent record label based in England specialising in Drum & Bass and Jungle music.  The label launched in 2016 by music producer, Josephs Perception and releases all styles of the Drum & Bass genre.The Perpetual EP is the first release on Dutty Zoot Recordings.  Produced by Josephs Perception, this 4 track ep contains various styles of Drum & Bass.

  1. Sleep at Night – the mellow roller,
  2. Don’t Matter – Smooth Jungle vibes, co-produced with Tempermental.
  3. Long For You – punchy bassline roller and ending with
  4. Lights Down – and it’s chilled out soulful vibes.


Listen Hear!!!!


All tracks Mastered at Compound Audio