Pre-Mastering Checklist.

Have you…

  •  Produced a mix that’s to the best of your musical ability?
  • Labelled your track with Artist Name & track Title? (Helps when we encode the metadata)
  • Compared your mix to several references? (At equal volume)
  • Left enough headroom on your “Mix buss channel” to avoid clipping on your Stereo Master Output Channel?
  • Checked the entire mix for clicks, pops or any other artefact’s? (tip: listen on headphones)
  • Turned off any “analogue noise” within your plugins? (see image below)

  • Left 1bar of silence before the track starts & 4 bars after the track finishes?
  • Exported a high-quality WAV file? (NO MP3s!) (tip: Export your audio file at the same “bit depth & sample rate” that your DAW project was produced in to prevent Down-Sampling defects)


If Yes, Then let’s get mastering!

What We Will Need For A Stem Mix-down.

Follow these pointers for best results.

  • Export your stem’s “un-converted” this means, do not “down-sample” the bit depth or sample rate when exporting
  • Export your audio stems at the same sample rate & bit depth as your project setting
    (typical settings are 44.1kHz | 48kHz – 16Bit, or 24Bit)
  • A copy of your track mixed to the best of your ability, (as a rough guide for us to reference with)
  • Single or batched stems of audio to be exported from the “zero points” til the end of the project track.
  • Please make sure that there is headroom on each stem, do not allow the audio to “red-line
  • Any notes you may have about what you would like to achieve or a track reference you would like to use


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