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Pre-Mastering Checklist.



Have you…

  • Produced a mix that’s to the best of your musical ability?
  • Labelled your track with Artist Name & track Title? (Helps for metadata)
  • Compared your mix to several references? (At equal loudness)
  • Left enough headroom on your “Mix buss” to avoid clipping on your Stereo Master Output Channel?
  • Checked the entire mix for clicks, pops or any other artefact’s? (tip: listen on headphones)
  • Turned off any “analogue noise” within your plugins? (see image below)

  • Left 1bar of silence before the track starts & 4 bars after the track finishes? (Useful should we need to capture a noise profile)
  • Exported a high-quality WAV file? (NO MP3s!) (tip: Export your audio file at the same “bit depth & sample rate” that your project was produced in to prevent Down-Sampling or loss of quality)


If Yes, Then let’s get mastering!


What We Will Need For A Stem Master or Track Mix-down.

Follow these pointers for best results.

  • Export your tracks/stem’s “un-converted” this means, do not “down-sample” the bit depth or sample rate compared to the settings you produced/recorded your project at when exporting.
  • Export your audio tracks using the same sample rate & bit depth as your project setting.
    (see image below)(Typical settings are 44.1kHz | 48kHz, 24Bit)
  • Include a copy of your track mixed to the best of your ability, (For us to reference with)
  • Make sure all signal or batched stemmed audio files are exported from the very start to the end of the project. (Set Left locator at the very start, Set the Right locator at the very end of the audio)

  • Please make sure that there is headroom on each stem, do not allow the audio to “Red-Line“.
  • Include any notes you may have about what you would like to achieve or a link to a track reference you would like us to use.


    after exporting your audio content we advise you to drop the files into a “new project” to ensure that there are no issues, missing FX or audio content.

    Should there be any issues once we have the files, this could delay the turnaround time or encounter an additional fee for the client.


Click The Button To Submit Your Files.