06 March 2017
Locked Up Music

Locked Up Music – Give Us A Break EP

Locked Up Music present Section – Give Us A Break EP

  • A) This Is The Dub
  • B) Walk This Road
  • C) Knock Knock
  • D) Fear

Catalogue no: LKD001
Release date: May 2017
Format: Digital


Section are from Worthing (UK) and consist of Drum & Bass DJ/Producers Jay B & Solley. They
formed in 2013 but have been making music together since 2007. Section have a string of
releases on various labels including Dread, Serial Killaz, Natty Dub, Directors Cut, Audio Addict
and Physmatics.
The first release on their own imprint is an example of Section’s versatility and has already received
support from Bailey, Need For Mirrors, Blu Mar Ten and Ray Keith.
This Is The Dub – If you need time out from the relentless 174bpm, but still crave a bass face moment, then this track with its climbing strings, airy atmospherics and old skool vocals, coupled with a statically charged crackling bass tone providing the low end pressure, is your bag. With Rodigan providing the cool, this really is the dub!

Walk This Road – The journey begins sailing on the back of drifting pads, peppered with synth stabs and serene flutes. A repetitive vocal phrase is the hook for this one, all supported by deep round subs, and Section’s crusty rolling breaks. Walk the road to the second drop for a dirty twist!

Knock Knock – This track provides dissonant claustrophobia and its wailing female sample
demands a cry for freedom from the brutal snarling jaws of this bass monster. Knock Knock get me out of here!

Fear – An anxiety inducing soundscape, which progressively intrudes upon the psyche, building to a full blown tear-out ruff drum reece fest! Listeners of a paranoid disposition beware!
Thank you for all the support.

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All tracks Mastered at Compound Audio !