We provide a full range of audio services to suit any requirements our clients have when developing a wide range of media products.



One key factor is how we utilize our tools
We understand that having the “best” gear in your studio means nothing without having a dedicated engineer who knows what they are doing with it all.

We combine the best of both worlds using Mastering grade Analog and Digital equipment in our treated environment brought to you by our experienced Mix Engineer (Ollier Green) and our Mastering Engineer (Dean Pratt) who know what to use in order to get the very best out of your recordings
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How To Place An Order In 5 Easy Steps.

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  4. Select “Proceed to checkout“.
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After exporting your audio file(s) we advise you to drop them into a “new project” to ensure that there are no issues, missing FX or audio content.

Should there be any issues once we have the file(s), this could delay the turnaround time or encounter an additional fee for the client.

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