We provide a full range of audio services to suit any requirements our clients have when developing a wide range of media products.


Our Mind Set.

One key factor is how we utilize our equipment & Plugins 
We understand that having the “best” gear in your studio means nothing without having a dedicated engineer who knows what they are doing with it all.

We combine the best of both worlds using Mastering grade Analog and Digital equipment in our treated environment brought to you by our experienced Mix Engneer (Ollie) and our Mastering Engineer (Dean) who know what to use in order to get the very best out of your recordings

Compound Dub-Plates.

Our Vinyl DubPlates are made of a very durable plastic compound giving them a lifespan similar to a pressed record, The audio is cut into the plastic on a lathe using a diamond cutting head. Most commonly known or used when cutting dub-plates (also known as lacquers) are acetate disks. An acetate dub-plate is, in fact, a metal disc covered in nitrocellulose lacquer.
The audio is cut into the lacquer on a lathe using a sapphire cutting head.

“What’s the difference”?

As the lacquer is a soft material, acetate dub-plates tend to have a shorter lifespan when compared to plastic material dub-plates, and a lot less than pressed vinyl.

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