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Compound Audio: 101 AMEN BREAKS

Compound Audio: 101 AMEN BREAKS


Dapz at Compound Audio recently dug out his pristine vinyl copy of The Winston’s ‘Amen Brother’ and carefully sculpted together with a Sample Pack selection of finely tuned ‘Amen’ breaks at 172bpm.

Combining the break with other audio content and ‘Amen’ breaks found in his sample library, opened the door to even more variations of this classic break!
The ‘Amen Brother’ loop is labelled as the most sampled break in music history, playing a massive part within the Drum & Bass genre and others around the world. But not many producers actually know a) where it came from and b) who even played the drum riff…Cue Compound Audio with the ‘Eggheads’ answer BOOM!!.

It was created by George Sylvester Coleman (Sept 1944 – Apr 2006) who was a member of The Winstons and the drummer of the Amen Break made in 1969.

Apart from sales of the original recording, Coleman never received any royalties from the widespread use of the sample!
Today we’ve created a majestic sample pack for the ‘Amen’ heads out there – featuring Loops, FX, Fills & more – it goes without saying how timeless this loop really is.
Imagine if this 4 bar solo section was never left open! How would Jungle and Drum & Bass music sound today?