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Stereo Mastering

Stereo Mastering


If you are looking to get That SoundOur “Stereo Mastering” service consists of using the benefits of both computer-aided software and most importantly, the warmth, depth and punchy sound from analog tube/valve saturation while being captured through one of the worlds leading audio interfaces for every bit of detail.

This will give your music a finish that no other online or automated mastering service can FACT!!!

There’s no compromise, just full prism sound quality.


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So, You need your track Mastered. Awesome !!!

But first, we need some details about your track…
(Right-click and save as on the appropriate Doc)

Send this back to me with your files when purchasing a Stereo Master.



Additional information

Add A 2nd Track

+£24.00, No Thanks

Add An MP3-320kbps

1 Track +£1.00, 2 Tracks +£2.00, No Thanks

Add Alternative Mix

1 Track (Instrumental Mix) +£5.00, 2 Tracks (Inst & Radio Mix) +£10.00, No Thanks