23 August 2017
section alliance

Section Presents: The Alliance Series PT.1

Locked Up Music present – Section:
The Alliance Series Part One


For the third Locked Up Music release, Section team up with 5 allies; Agro, Mentah, Jaybee, Marcus
Tee and Verdikt. This EP is designed solely for the dancefloor and the reaction so far promises
destruction across the globe!

section alliance

A) Section X Agro X Mentah – Funkmonger
B) Section X Jaybee – Like That
C) Section X Marcus Tee – Cloak and Dagger
D) Section X Verdikt – Grapevine


Funkmonger – Opens with string chords backed by a bubbly cartoonish rhythm section, building
to what one might describe as ‘big microfunk’. Let’s call it ‘macrofunk’ and be done with it! Agro,
Section and Mentah have managed to balance intimate beats with a huge sub bass. It’s minimal yet
busy, detailed yet dancefloor. Buy this one whilst it’s fresh coz it will go off!

Like That – Rich omnispherics battle with driving breaks before the fierce bassline drops, to create
a tribal attack peppered with atmosphere and mutated vocals. The onslaught is incessant with
switching bass fills and edits. Like that? We hope so!

Cloak and Dagger – Floating pads and eerie vocals encapsulate the senses before the thumping
drums and 808s pound the depths of the soundscape; that’s the Cloak. The Dagger attacks you like
a ferocious beast with his rumbling footsteps and awesome roar. Don’t be complacent though as the
Cloak returns to smother the beast before he breaks free to strike back with a vengeance!

Grapevine – If you don’t like running 90’s breaks and you don’t like wobble bass, then you won’t
like this one! Section and Verdikt have managed to combine the best out of the ‘jump up’ sound with
older style organic breaks, producing something that older heads and younger crowds can both
lose it to. This might just be set for a modern dancefloor classic. If you don’t like rewinds, don’t arm
yourself with this one! Thank you for all the support.


Listen Below!

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All tracks mastered by Dapz @ Compound Audio