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Audio Mix-Down

Audio Mix-Down


Our mix-down services are carried out by a dedicated mix engineer who generates a powerful warm sound using analogue tube/valve saturation while simultaneously using all the advantages of a computer-aided process to provide you with the best possible results.

*A minimum of 16 Audio Tracks is required. 
Clients have unlimited amendments within 2 sessions of re-calls. 


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So, You need your track mixed down. Awesome !!!

But first, we need some details about your track…
(Right-click and save as on the appropriate Doc)

INFO FORM "Word Doc" INFO FORM "Text Doc"

Send this back to me with your files when purchasing a Mix-Down.



Additional information

Number Of Audio Tracks

16/20 Tracks, 21/25 Tracks, 26/30 Tracks, 31/35 Tracks, 36/40 Tracks, 41/45 Tracks, 46/50 Tracks, 51/60 Tracks

Master The Mix

Yes, I Need the mix Mastering Also, No I don't need this track Mastered

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