Founded in 2014 by Audio Engineer Dean Pratt aka Dapz, Compound Audio is the place to go for all your audio mixing, mastering and post-production requirements.

Based in East Midlands UK, Compound Audio caters to a wide range of Client’s including Major Record Labels, well known Independent Labels and Self-Financed Artists. 
With over 20 years’ experience in the music industry, Company founder Dapz has worked with the crème de la crème in the business under various guises and collaborations.

Through word of mouth and recommendations alone, Compound Audio has built up a strong following and loyal advocates which has seen Dapz take on projects from:
Snoop Dogg, Fatman Scoop, Majestic, MC Neat, Skepta, BMG Production Music, Channel 4 UK, Kiss TV, Notts TV, The Box Africa, Dambuster Studios, EA Games & More

A qualified Teacher and Music Engineer, Dapz provides a range of digital, analog and certified “Mastered For iTunes” services to suit the needs and budget for the Client’s of Compound Audio while drawing on years of experience and sheer natural ability to sense the artists’ direction of a project.
Our aim is to give customers a finished product they can be proud of hence why the Client’s of Compound Audio keep coming back for more.

Why Compound Audio?


Many studios apply a “one size fits allapproach.
We adapt to the individual needs of each artist and project.


We listen to all our Client’s as close as we listen to their work.  
Guaranteed results.


We understand our client’s needs from a highly polished commercial track to a
Retro LoFi sound.

What People Say.

“Ten out of ten,

Great sound and articulation in both the stems mix service and the mastering service.
I have used both frequently, our last project featuring Snoop Dogg got the compound treatment and since has gone platinum”

The Next Room – One World Entertainment Ltd

“Compound Audio has a unique understanding of the sound & frequencies.
Essential qualities needed when competing at the highest levels.
CA has helped give Kemet an edge because of the quality of sound we now possess.
We are proud to stand beside CA in our quest to give our fans the music they deserve!”

Mark X – Kemet Records

“Excellent mastering,
well happy with the results

Will be returning Soon”

Kenny Ken

“For those in the know, Dapz is one of the finest producer/engineers in the Global D&B movement.
With an enviable back catalog of absolute anthems.

When working with his clients
he give 101% to provide a finish that will ignite any dance floor”

Tariq – New Urban Era

“We have worked with Dean for many years and always got excellent results each and every time!.
If your looking for a top level mix & master, these are your guys 10/10”

Shyam – Arcade82

“Proud to have worked on writing and producing this tune for Hayla TV
and having it mixed and mastered by Compound Audio’s

People in Amman, if you need any track wonderfully mastered, Compound Audio is the place to go to!”

Lama Zakharia

“Thanks for the F.A.T Mastering you provide each and every time!”

Daz Cyndicut‎ - Juice Records

Thanks to Compound Audio for everything, they worked wonders with Homefront : The Revolution,
I’m extremely pleased with the quality of the work, it sounds amazing.

Kind regards

Graeme - Dambuster Studio

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