We provide a full range of audio mastering services
to suit any requirements our clients have when developing a wide range of media products.

Why choose Compound Audio?

Knowing where to go to have your tracks professionally mixed / mastered can be a minefield. 
A quick Google search will bring up a huge list of places.

However, can you vouch for them and is it within your budget?

Many studios apply a “one size fits allapproach. We adapt to the individual needs of each artist and project.

We listen to all our Client’s as closely as we listen to their work.  Guaranteed results every time!

We understand our Client needs. From a highly polished commercial track to a low-fi indie sound.

We use one of the worlds leading audio interfaces. There’s no compromise, just full Prism Sound







Founded in 2013 by Audio Engineer Dean Pratt aka Dapz, Compound Audio is the place to go for all your audio mixing, mastering and post production requirements.

Based in the East Midlands UK, Compound Audio caters to a wide range of Client’s including Major Record Labels, well known Independent Labels and Self-Financed Artists. 
With over 20 years’ experience in the music industry, Company founder Dapz, has worked with the crème de la crème in the business under various guises and collaborations.

Through word of mouth and recommendations alone, Compound Audio has built up a strong following and loyal advocates which has seen Dapz take on projects from:
Snoop Dogg, Fatman Scoop, Majestic, MC Neat, Skepta, BMG Production Music, Channel 4 UK, Kiss TV, Notts TV, The Box Africa, Dambuster Studios, EA Games & More

A qualified Teacher and Music Engineer, Dapz provides a range of digital, analogue and certified “Mastered For iTunes” services to suit the needs and budget for the Client’s of Compound Audio while drawing on years of experience and sheer natural ability to sense the artists’ direction of a project.
Our aim is to give customers a finished product they can be proud of hence why the Client’s of Compound Audio keep coming back for more.

Track Mastering.

Having your music mastered at Compound Audio couldn’t be simpler.
We provide a wide range of  services to suit the needs and budget for all. 
Our Mastering processes are done using high quality mastering grade analog gear and a selection of industry standard VST plugin’s, to get the very best out of your music.

Audio Mix-Down.

Our audio mix-down service generates a powerful warm sound using our range of analog gear while simultaneously using all the advantages of a computer-aided process.
Clients can select from a number of stems that corresponds to the amount of stems in their project. Once the track has been mixed, Client’s have a generous amount of unlimited amendments within 2 session re-call’s.

Compound Dub-Plates.

From 1 off Dub-Plates for personal use to Lacquers cut ready for you to hit the pressing plant.
We apply a mini master using a similar signal path to our “Hybrid Mastering service.
All our 1 off  Dub-Plates are not in fact the same as a pressed vinyl records.
They are made of a very durable plastic compound, giving them a lifespan similar to a pressed record.


Music Artwork.

A strong visual identity gives fans something tangible to grasp onto during a time when most music consumption happens digitally. A fan with a Spotify subscription doesn’t need to buy records, 
but they might choose to if they have an emotional attachment to the cover art 
and want a physical memento of their favorite artist.

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Professional Audio Mixing & Mastering
that Artists and Record labels can afford!!!


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